The Pixel-and-Roll Show Audio podcast on the Washington Wizards professional basketball team by writers from Truth About

November 13, 2015  
John Ourand, a life long Bullets fan & SBJ sports media journalist, joins Adam McGinnis to discuss the Wizards new TV deal with Comcast. Ourand is alarmed about Washington's poor week and wants to be "talked off the ledge." He drops vital knowledge on why Ted Leonsis decided against forming his own channel, at least until 2031, to partner with the Cable conglomerate and what it means for Wizards fans. Other topics include the shuttering of Grantland, the fall out, ESPN's motivations, and Bill Simmons new project with HBO. 

The conversation provides you information on the team that you will get nowhere else. (The Wizards and Comcast details begins at the (22:45 mark)  Listen and Subscribe! 
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