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October 6, 2015  

This episode in an interview with Jorge Castillo of the Washington Post by Adam McGinnis. Castillo was on the Wizards beat for the first time last season and he provides an interesting perspective on the team.

Topics in our hour long discussion include: Castillo’s background, covering Derek Jeter’s last season with Yankees, experience on the Wizards beat after a year, dealing with Coach Randy Wittman after he called him out in a press conference, how much he knew about Washington’s franchise history, impressions of John Wall, reporting on Wall at the All-Star game in NYC, how he includes analytics in his NBA writings, reflections on last year’s playoff run, playing small ball, evaluating the off-season moves, Kevin Durant factor in 2016, and his outlook of this year’s squad. It is a very informative interview from a solid reporter.

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