The Pixel-and-Roll Show Audio podcast on the Washington Wizards professional basketball team by writers from Truth About

Editor of Bullets Forever, Jake Whitacre, joins Adam McGinnis of Truth About to jam about the Washington Wizards. In this episode, the duo provides analysis of all the current postmortem talking points on why the Wizards failed in the 2015-16 season. This is part 1 of a two part discussion. 

Show timeline: 

5:00 - When did Jake realize the Wizards were going to miss the playoffs
7:50 - Was this the least fun season following the team? 
10:40 - Talking Point Obits of Disappointment 
11:40 - Poor Defense 
15:55 - Transition to new offensive style 
17:25 - Gortat & Nene still a bad mix
19:10 - Small Ball style was correct but limited by roster make up 
21:40 - More Pace than Space 
24 - Validity of Injury Excuses 
27 - Too many one year contract complaints
30:20 - Players complaining about Wittman’s easy treatment of Nene
35:15 - Missing Leadership, Missing Paul Pierce & his TRUTH JUICE
38:30 - Sam Cassell 
40:50 - Possible rift between Wall & Beal, struggles playing together
45 - Dismal home record, bad free throw shooting team 
48:30 - Poor drafting and punting on picks finally caught up with Wiz (Warning: McGinnis Rant)
54: 40 - Lack of young depth led to struggles on back-to-back games
56 - Results of 2015-16 really matter because summer plan is still intact
58 - Evaluating the 3-year plan
1:00 - Due to shaky drafting, KD2DC might be only option forward to be a title contender. 


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